The TML's are noted for performing "The Larry."

What is the Larry?
A local celebrity is invited to attend a performance. During the show the guest is interviewed and The Larrys then reenact a day in the celebrity's life to hilarious results! Notable celebrities who have been or will soon be Larryed include Leah Garchik of the San Francisco Chronicle, Harry Denton of the Starlite Room, and Jan Wahl film critic and local television and radio personality.

What does it mean to be Larryed?
The Larry is a unique performance experience that puts the spotlight on a guest or audience member at a special event. The guest is invited onstage, and a member of the Too Many Larrys improvisational troupe asks about the events of his/her day. What time did you wake up? What's your morning routine? How did you get to work? It's painless! Once the questioning session is concluded, the Too Many Larrys reenact the guest's day, making sure to exaggerate and embellish the daily routine to hilarious results. At the conclusion of the performance, the Larryed guest is presented with a framed certificate commemorating the event.

Do you know someone who needs to be Larryed?
The Too Many Larrys want to perform at your next event and honor that favorite boss, significant other, retiree, bride 'n' groom.

Invite the Too Many Larrys to perform at your next:
Birthday Party
Baby Shower
Bachelor/bachelorette party
Retirement event
Engagement party
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
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